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High surface area DM Water Washed hardwood based granular activated carbon prepared by chemical method and mainly applied to the decolourization, the deodorant and theremoval of impurity in the field of sodium glutamete, refined sugar, starch sugar, sophisticated purification of water and the liquid including pigment, refinement of various food syrups, fruit juice, pectin, glutamic acid, nucleic acid, crtricacid, tartarric acid, pentenediacid, ascorbic acid, agar, etc.

Product Specification

Specification & Brand Osmosia Hardwood Based Granular Activated Carbon
Mesh Size (US Sieve) 4x6 / 4x8 / 6x12 / 8x16 / 8x30 / 12x40
Moisture ( % ) 2 per cent maximum.
Surface Area (m2/g) Minimum 1000-1600
Ash Content (%) Maximum 3 (%) maximum
Iodine (mg/g) Minimum 800,1000,1100, 1200,1300
Production Capacity: 600 MT per Month
Export Markets Local $ Global
Apparent Density (g/cc) 0.40-0.54
PH 6-9.5
Hardness (%) Minimum 95 / 96 / 97 / 98 / 99
Usage Water Purifier, Swimming Pool, Air Purification, Vegetable Oil, Sugar Refinery, Gold Refinery, Flue gas, Environmental Protection Industry, etc