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Powdered varieties of Activated Carbon are used in liquid phase application primarily for removal of undesired colour, smell and other impurities in many types of industries including basic drugs, fine chemicals, glucose, sugar, electroplating plasticizers and so on. Quite often, powdered carbon is washed with acid and then, repeatedly with water & dried to minimize impurities like soluble ash-iron, heavy metals etc. Activated Carbon is invariably used in a batch process at the penultimate stage of manufacture of a product. A pre-determined quantity of activated carbon is added to a solution and after stirring for a certain contact time mostly at elevated temperature carbon is filtered out or settled to get a sparkling colour free solution from which product is recovered. It is pertinent to mention that use of powdered activated carbon apart from decolourising imparts several other benefits like longer shelf life, truer, and bolder crystals, closer melting and boiling points etc.

DM Water Washed Hard Wood Powder Activated Carbon

Specification Coconut Shell Powder Activated carbon
Brand Osmosia Coconut Shell Powder Activated carbon
Material category Coconut shell Charcoal
Iodine(mg/g) 1000-1300
Surface Area 2000 to 2500 m2/g
MB(Methylene blue number) 180-250mg/g min
Particle size 80,100, 150, 200, 250mesh
Moisture ( % ) 0.5-2 % maximum
Ash ( % ) 3 % maximum
PH 4-9
Production Capacity: 800 MT per Month
Export Markets Local $ Global
Usage Water Purifier, Swimming Pool, Air Purification, Vegetable Oil, Sugar Refinery, Gold Refinery,
Flue gas, Environmental Protection Industry, etc